Handicap Calling System

School management system

Our assistive technology is becoming increasingly important in enhancing the mobility, communication and learning skills of people with disabilities, allowing them to work independently and enhancing their social opportunities. Such systems have been shown to be a valuable help in assistive technology, augmentative and complementary communication and recovery for people with different disabilities, such as spinal cord injury, non-vocal quadriplegic and voice, visual or hearing impairments. Eyet Global offers reliable and flexible call systems for use in facilities. It is fast and simple to configure, and can connect several toilet and bathroom points to a central monitoring station for quick and efficient location of any person in difficulty.

Key features:
  • Waterproof!
  • Audible & Visible Alert
  • No Hard Wiring
  • Self-Adhesive Wall Mounting
  • Ideal for Bathroom Use

We brings about a simple and user friendly system that can be installed in a wireless system. This system allows setting up calling functions for accessing toilets and similar functions. This system comprises of generating alarm and flashing signal light which aids differently abled people in their day to day activities. There will be provisions for determining the person needing help and our system also gives the convenience to extend the system by further using signal buttons. Our system is designed by highly experienced engineers, is cost efficient, cost effective, compact and highly reliable. We offer assistance in managing your systems and optimizing your environment. We pride ourselves on our ability to create a system that is maintenance free and we offer round the clock service as well.

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