Library Management System

library management system

Library management system manages records of a library. It contains information on the available books, books issued or of returning or renewing a particular book. It also keeps track of any late fine or charges records. This system in a way helps maintain a database that helps enter new books and record borrowed books by the members, furnished with its submission dates. Our system empowers your library with its efficiency by keeping the records up to date. It helps with student involvement, negates the need for a separate web interface, is progressive, gets members easy access, is cost efficient, is highly safe, enables mobile access and helps improving reporting and monitoring.

Key features:
  • Manage the complete management of the entire library through the software’s easy interface.
  • It removes manual process of issuing books by easy and simplified way of issuing book saving time and effort.
  • The librarian can issue, return and reserve book for a particular student through the software’s interface.
  • The software automatically shows fine levied by automatically counting days from the date if issue incase of late return of the book.
  • Add, update, search and view library items online.
  • Student can also check the availability status of a particular book online.
  • Generate customized report for library items, library inventory and library fine collection.

Some common features of our library management system include option to customize logins for students, internal staff and non-member readers; enumeration competency; flawless issuance and returning of books; digital records for check in and checkout; manage records in the system; fetching of records of unissued books; managing and classifying of books as per genre or category of academics; features to add new book into the central database; complete information availability on the books; remote access to manage the whole system and rent calculation of books competent with the late fine charges. A software system such as this will help boost your administrations’ performance and helps you experience optimal benefits.

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