Nurses calling System

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We offer NCS or nurse calling system which helps improve communication in hospitals. This innovative product provides reliable service to patients. This system helps ensure service guarantee to the patients in the hospital. Our product is economical in nature which in turn helps out and is ideal for hospitals and nursing homes. Our NCS is Proactive, informative, automatic, and seamless. Advantages of our NCS include improving off workflow, shortened patient response time and automated records. Our system also help keep staff safe and also help increase patient and staff satisfaction.

Key features:
  • Pillow speaker (or call light)
  • Wall station
  • Bed cable
  • Desk console
  • Code blue

The use of these devices makes the work of the nursing staff considerably simpler, warning calls can be made from toilets, kitchens, patient beds or nurses in hospital rooms. In addition to the basic functions, urgent alarms may be given to doctors to meet special requirements. The LED door light on the corridors of the bars contains these systems. Rapid employee responsiveness, smooth contact with health care providers and an effective pain management are all vital to a health organization success. The basis for this success is a good rounded programme for nurse calling. When a patient makes a call from his or her pillow speaker or bath station, lights illuminate the nurse call hallway. Not only do the lights show the type of call, but nurses on their cell phones can also receive a warning. The system automatically helps detect and record staff’s presence while cancelling a call as well.

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