Point of sales

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Getting an effective point of sale (POS) system will go a long way in ensuring smooth running of all of your operations. Here, share tips on what you need to have in a POS and how to select the best choice for your restaurant or retail store.

Types of POS systems:
  • Mobile POS
  • Terminal POS
  • Cloud POS
Key components:
  • Hardware
  • Software
Key features:
  • Billing and order processing
  • Sales monitoring and reporting
  • Inventory and stock management
  • Cross channel returns management
  • Customer relationship and experience
  • Employee management
  • Loyalty programs and gift cards

POS provider partners with the payment processor / gateway of your choosing, so that you can manage costs. In case if you are already using applications that are important to your company, make sure that the POS can be incorporated with them easily, so that you can continue to use them. Your POS system should be able to generate detailed sales reports in no time and provide you with snapshots and charts on your store’s sales performance. Moreover, the POS system you employ should also give you the ability to add employees to system, email schedules to employees, track employees’ hours weekly and over time, create and modify schedules for employees based on forecasted activity and analyse who your top employees are. These are some functions to look for in a POS system when looking for one.

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