Queue Management System

School management system

Our assistive technology is becoming increasingly important in enhancing the mobility, communication and learning skills of people with disabilities, allowing them to work independently and enhancing their social opportunities. Such systems have been shown to be a valuable help in assistive technology, augmentative and complementary communication and recovery for people with different disabilities, such as spinal cord injury, non-vocal quadriplegic and voice, visual or hearing impairments. Eyet Global offers reliable and flexible call systems for use in facilities. It is fast and simple to configure, and can connect several toilet and bathroom points to a central monitoring station for quick and efficient location of any person in difficulty.

Key features:
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Streamline operations with lobby management
  • Gain customer insights
  • Reduce walkaways
  • Reduce negative perceptions of wait times
  • Customer position management

Not only does this customer chain management system greatly minimize queues and wait times, it also offers you data and analytics capabilities that can help you schedule sales capture high-return customer surveys, pinpoint aspects of company processes that require change, and even develop reward programs for employees. The software helps healthcare providers to build personalized care management systems to provide high-quality care to patients, reduce patient time spent in the waiting room, and improve productivity between physicians and staff. It lets logistics firms improve supply chain connectivity to remove truck delays, reduce costs and maximize productivity.

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